Quality Policy

Quality is never out of reach when a true and united effort is made. Yet it stretches to the reach of anyone wise enough who intend to seek it.

Earth Pavers is committed to achieve the most satisfactory levels of its customers’ on the grounds of product supply and quality standards. We have trained quality assurance staff to perform in-house quality inspection. Earth Pavers conduct three level of testing to achieve quality standards.


1. Mix Design — We manufacture Blocks as per the customers requirements with the suitable mix design. We manufacture M30, M40 and M50 strength blocks.

2. Sieve Analysis – As per the specifications of IS 15658:2006, sieve analysis is performed for every 15days on raw materials – fine and coarse aggregates.

3. Dimensional Tolerance – Paving blocks are frequently checked for its dimensional tolerance on production line.

4. Compressive Strength – After the complete production process, pavement blocks are checked for its compressive strength on seventh, fourteenth and twenty-eighth days respectively.


In addition to in-house inspection, Earth Pavers maintains equipment duly certified by renowned third party inspection agencies from time to time. All the possible steps are been adopted by us to ensure safe and healthy work environment to the staff.